Local government association

Strong local presence

Strong local presence, that is how the CDU shows itself to be the local party in Germany! As a strong community, the LGA (KPV) represents the interests of the volunteer local politicians in the area, and provides an important forum for intensive exchange of information, expertise and knowledge.


Challenges and solutions to problems in the municipalities are combined in the LGA and conveyed to the party bodies, factions and associations. This means that the LGA influences the in-party decision making, and the legislation in Düsseldorf and Berlin – particularly on topics relevant to the municipalities. The basic goals of the LGA are to strengthen municipal self-administration as an important constitutional guarantee, and – closely related – ensuring municipal financial autonomy.


The LGA is organised into various specialist committees and boards, who deal with local government problems and support the legislation of the federal government and the states. In the district of Kleve, the LGA and its chairman Dr. Matthias Reintjes combine the interests of the volunteers in the sixteen town and municipal councils, and in the district assembly of the district of Kleve.


Dr. Matthias Reintjes
Contact person