Women’s union (WU)

Women and politics

The women’s union is the women’s organisation of the CDU. Women have been getting involved in politics there for almost 60 years: Since 1948, the women’s union has been an active network of women in the CDU. Even then, the women in the CDU worked towards equality and partnership. Even today, the women in the union are raising awareness of the central problems in all areas of life, via political paths, and are committed to resolving them with expertise, intuition and competence. Thanks to the dedication of many CDU women in the state, the federal government and the European Parliament, many successes have been achieved, which are a given today.


We still believe that: Politics should not just be a male preserve, but that women’s experience and competence should play a more important role, in order to eliminate the deficits that still exist for women today in many areas.


Marie Reeke
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