Dear Praest citizens,

As the acting chairman of the CDU local association Praest, I would like to give you a warm welcome. Our motto “local roots – that makes us stronger!” is both our claim and programme. The CDU-Praest is the strong political power in our beautiful village, has deep roots in the life of the village and association, and has been an innovative driver for the forward looking development of our village for years.


Important topics for us are sustainable mobility and connection of the conurbations, even without a car. Therefore, our train stop and the rail road crossings are important to us. Key words: Safety and care. Where families live, children need a daycare centre, a primary school and playgrounds, which we should build and/or support. A playground in the new development area behind the station is therefore one of many examples of the objectives of the CDU Praest.


My board colleagues and myself will be happy to help at any time. Get in touch!


Yours sincerely
Peter Ising