Emmerich Mitte

Our town centre with the districts of Leegmeer and Speelberg

Are you interested in
what happens in Emmerich?

Then you are in the right place here! The local association particularly deals with the concerns of the town centre, with the districts of Leegmeer and Speelberg. It represents 8 of the 16 constituencies in Emmerich am Rhein, and therefore around half of the population of Emmerich. The local association Mitte belongs to dedicated citizens, for whom the welfare of our town is close to their hearts.


My name is Bert Gricksch. I was born and bred in Emmerich, and have been the spokesman for the local association since April 2015. I have volunteered for some Emmerich clubs for several decades. As a retired police officer/chief of the criminal division, I have been responsible for fighting crime in all 16 towns and municipalities in the Kleve district, as the Director of Operations since 2012. Before that, I worked in a variety of management functions in Wesel, Duisburg and Dortmund.


I have been a member of the CDU for more than 10 years, and as it is about the welfare of my home town and the people who live here, I am open to your suggestions and questions. I would be pleased to accept your suggestions.


Yours sincerely
Silke Jelinski und Christoph Byloos