We love Elten!

Dear Elten residents,

as the chairperson of the CDU local association, I would like to give you a warm welcome. Our motto “Bürgernah für Elten da” [Be there for the people of Elten] is both our claim and our programme. The CDU-Elten is the strong political power in our beautiful silver village, has deep roots in the life of the village and association, and has been an innovative driver for the forward looking development of our village for years.


The train stop in Elten, the fibre optic expansion, the master plan Hochelten, Kneipp certification and the transformation of the Dr. Robbers Park are just a few examples of a policy which aims to strengthen our silver village of Elten as a residential and tourist location. My board colleagues, our mayor Albert Jansen and myself will be happy to help at any time. Get in touch!

Yours sincerely
Horst Derksen