The council faction of the CDU

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The CDU council faction

The heart of political work of the CDU in Emmerich am Rhein

Almost every Monday at 18:00, the faction assembly meets in the large council chamber for consultation. This consists of the faction committee, the elected council members of the CDU and competent citizens and permanent guests. Apart from preparing for the upcoming committee and council meetings, current topics from Emmerich and the surrounding area are always discussed at the faction assemblies. In the faction assembly we develop our ideas and visions for the future of our home town together. Despite all of that, there is usually time for some small talk afterwards…


Furthermore, the CDU faction is regularly “out of office”. Whether inspecting current construction measures, visiting clubs, associations or Emmerich companies – we look around, take care of things, have conversations and have our finger on the pulse.


Dr. Matthias Reintjes


for the CDU council faction

The faction committee

The faction chairperson and the faction committee prepare the work of the faction assembly, manage ongoing business and are elected by the faction every three years. The chairperson leads the meetings of the faction assembly and represents it externally.

Dr. Matthias Reintjes


Albert Jansen

Deputy Chairperson

Sandra Bongers


Irmgard Kulka

Committee member

Botho Brouwer

Committee member

The whole council faction of the CDU

The council faction includes the elected council members of the CDU Emmerich am Rhein, who were elected for the legislature period 2014-2020 in Emmerich and districts. Therefore, they represent approx. 40% of the votes cast in the last local election.

Dr. Matthias Reintjes

Wahlkreis 010

Albert Jansen

Wahlkreis 020

Werner Spiegelhoff

Wahlkreis 030

Erik Arntzen

Wahlkreis 050

Herbert Ulrich

Wahlkreis 060

Marianne Lorenz

Wahlkreis 080

Irmgard Kulka

Wahlkreis 090

Johannes ten Brink

Wahlkreis 110

Gerhard Gertsen

Wahlkreis 150

Markus Elbers

Wahlkreis 160

Botho Brouwer

Wahlkreis 170

Peter Ising

Wahlkreis 180

Sultan Seyrek


Gregor Reintjes


Sandra Bongers


Competent citizens and permanent guests


Alongside the elected council members, parties can also delegate “competent citizens” to the committees. This option should also serve to obtain additional expertise in the committees. The competent citizens have full voting rights in the committee. The CDU faction makes full use of this opportunity, and is proud of the active and comprehensive support from our “competent citizens”:

  • Sebastian Fröhlich
  • Petra Geerling
  • Sigmar Peters
  • Karin Heering
  • Birgit Sloot
  • Sven Westhoff
  • Michael Weikamp
  • Ulrike Ulrich
  • Kai Frisch
  • Christoph Byloos
  • Michael Furgol
  • Karlo Rempe
  • Silke Jelinski
  • Yasemine Nokta
  • Neriman Keles
  • Irina Kroll
  • Gerd Böcker
  • Hans-Jürgen Gorgs
  • Büllent Arslan
  • Johannes Diks
  • Klaus Manthey
  • Jürgen Frericks
  • Peter Berndsen
  • Kai Frisch
  • Gloria Verheyen
  • Dr. Manon Loock-Braun
  • Horst Derksen
  • Till Nieke
  • Dr. Klaus Krebber
  • Bert Gricksch
  • Nadja Scheerer
  • Hans-Joachim Büscher
  • Karin Roes
  • Conny Wolters
  • Freddy Heinzel
  • Christel Loose