How are you Emmerich?

Dialogue locally and across all channels...

Survey – “How are you Emmerich?”

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    “How are you Emmerich?”

    “How are you Emmerich?” – the Emmerich CDU would like to ask all the citizens of our town this question. To this end, there will be several days when the answers to this question will be collected on postcards at stands in the districts.


    Dialogue locally and across all channels

    “We would like to continue to intensively maintain the classic citizen’s dialogue on the market day, in the town centre and the districts, but also test new formats”, says CDU party leader Bert Gricksch. Participation in this campaign was planned from the start, via the CDU homepage, social media and WhatsApp. “We want to be accessible to the citizens on all channels, and at all times, whether for a personal meeting on site or electronically”, emphasises Gricksch.


    What happens to the suggestions, ideas and criticism?

    The details will be evaluated after the campaign and should be included in the current work of the faction, or used as an incentive for the local election programme 2020.


    Do you have a specific concern?

    If you have a specific concern or need help from your CDU quickly, then use the contact form of this website or write to us via WhatsApp.