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Dear fellow citizens, welcome to the homepage of the CDU-Emmerich am Rhein. Whether you stumbled across us by accident or intentionally found your way to us, take the opportunity to find out more. Do you have your own ideas, or even criticism and suggestions? Then, don’t hesitate to contact us! People-orientation and transparency is our claim. Your opinion is important to us, because politics is not a one-way street.
100% Emmerich am Rhein Good things always start
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in politics.
Emmerich am Rhein is home for us - a lovable and liveable home. For us, this means complete dedication to our home town and districts. We do all of this in our free time as voluntary local politicians.
Hundreds of members A hundredfold dedication
to Emmerich am Rhein
In the CDU Emmerich am Rhein, hundreds of citizens stand up for their ideas, ideals and beliefs. Commitment to your own neighbourhood or district? Good living conditions for young and old? Stand up for an attractive city centre...

What are your concerns? Let us know, and even more important - get involved!

The council faction of the CDU

successful for Emmerich in a team

The CDU council faction is the heart of the political work of the CDU in Emmerich am Rhein.


Almost every Monday at 18:00, the faction assembly meets in the large council chamber for consultation. This consists of the faction committee, the elected council members of the CDU and competent citizens and permanent guests. Apart from preparing for the upcoming committee and council meetings, current topics from Emmerich and the surrounding area are always discussed at the faction assemblies. In the faction assembly we develop our ideas and visions for the future of our home town together. Despite all of that, there is usually time for some small talk afterwards…

Local associations

The CDU in Emmerich is divided into four independent local associations, the association of Emmerich Mitte and the superordinate town association. The local associations are the backbone of the CDU in Emmerich, and organise the political work locally, through their own board or spokesperson.

  • Elten

    The CDU local association Elten deals with the concerns of the citizens and the silver village of Elten, with a team of young junior staff and experienced members.

  • Hüthum

    The CDU local association Hüthum – Borghees - Klein-Netterden and its committee takes care of the districts from Hüthum to Hetter on either side of the motorway.

  • Emmerich Mitte

    The CDU local association Emmerich-Mitte deals with the concerns of Emmerich City.

  • Vrasselt/Dornick

    The CDU local association Vrasselt / Dornick deals with the concerns of the districts of Vrasselt and Dornick.

  • Praest

    The CDU local association Praest deals with the concerns of the citizens of Praest.

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